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Business Decisions Economics Inc is the first organization dedicated to using Applied Information Economics to solve real IT decision making problems in organizations.  Business Decisions Economics Inc founded in March 1999 to help companies analyze the value of any IT investment in a way that is economically, financially, actuarially sound.  We help companies redesign their (often haphazard) IT investment process so that investments are systematically analyzed according to Applied Information Economics.

Our partners are specialists in the IT investment problem with an average of 18 years experience in management consulting and executive positions.  

Jack O. Ross

Jack Ross is a professional engineer who after running a major engineering consulting office, has been working in the Information Systems space for 30 years. His career has encompassed broad ranging activities that have kept him on the cutting edge of technology. While moving from national systems engineering manager into the IBM "Golden Circle" and then on to V. P. of Executive Services at the precursor of Gartner Group Measurements, Jack has made unique contributions to I/T benchmarking and measurement. His latest interest is the Value of Information, the economic foundation of the "information age". Problem solving skills, measurement intellect and ability to establish longstanding relationships with clients all bring valuable capabilities to Business Decisions Economics.

Kathleen Filbin Ph D

Dr. Filbin is former president of Central Arizona College. A Fulbright scholar, Dr. Filbin’s accomplishments include 8 years experience as a consultant with the Chicago Research and Planning Group (CRPG). Numbering 200 members, CRPG is the largest group of Chief Information Officers in one metropolitan area and Dr. Filbin’s expertise in creating and implementing special projects for CRPG earned her high acclaim. A major focus included IT research as well as capturing and offering with prestigious corporate research units their advanced technology initiatives. Additionally, Dr. Filbin holds two masters degrees, one in health, the other in education. Her pursuits in the educational arena include Provost of nine technical training schools, with an annual enrollment of 40,000 students taught by 500 full time instructors for the Department of the Navy. She held positions of increasing responsibility at three colleges prior to becoming President at Central Arizona College.

Larry Runge

Larry Runge is a Chief Information Officer with 20+ years experience in information technology. For the past two decades he has led teams developing multi-million dollar ERP, Supply Chain Management, and eCommerce systems. These include international Internet applications and large scale Client-Server information systems, using main­frames, minicomputers and PCs. He is experienced with all software estimating methodologies and understands the strengths and weaknesses of each. He has worked in Financial Services, Manufacturing, Transportation and Aerospace, and developed software applications for the commercial market. Larry worked with NASA at the Johnson Space Center in the 1980’s, supporting space flight training on the Shuttle Simulators. He has also created computer games and has written dozens of published articles on project management and software estimating techniques, and is a contributing author to a book of software Best Practices.

Mark Frederiksen Ph D

Mark Frederiksen brings over twenty-four years experience managing and analyzing information technology projects, project analysis of software development, hardware interfacing, and I.T. project deployment. Dr. Frederiksen performed detailed econometric analysis of software quality assurance factors, project success rates, and costs-benefits analysis of various types of IT projects -- including large scale deployment projects in the US and international markets of applications to over 6 million users in 14 languages. Software development and internationalization projects performed for products marketed under the brand names of: IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Sharp, NEC, Hitachi, Casio, American Online, and others.

Additional project deployments included: dispatch applications, GPS, inspections, telephone directory applications. Dr. Frederiksen performed econometric analysis of software quality assurance as a key component of project monitoring for large scale software applications including those deployed in banks and other financial institutions and developed econometric forecasts of successful project deployment adoption rates and cost-benefit analyses. Additionally, he has performed econometric analysis of the economic impacts of energy regulations, including decision analysis, market studies, economic modeling, statistical analysis, forecasting, and assessments of energy price de-regulation options.

Dr Frederiksen holds degress in: Ph.D. Business Economics and Econometrics specialization in decision theory, industrial organization, cost-benefit analysis, economic impacts of governmental regulations, and econometrics. Ph.D. dissertation provided an econometric analysis of decision theory based upon 1.2 million data points. M.Ph. Business Economics - Specialized in: Industrial Organization, Regulation, Micro-Economics, and Econometrics. B.A. Information Sciences



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